Music Production

Although we hear of many people producing music in their bedrooms using an application or another on a smart phone or computer, the process is much more involved. To engage in qualitatively superior music production requires unwavering dedication. Music production is not an easy task. It requires experience, knowledge, and ingenuity. My background and experience speak volumes, and make it quite clear that you need not look any further when it comes to music production.

As the proprietor of Annapolis Guitar School, which serves clients and students in the Annapolis, MD area, I have sound proof rooms and top-notch music studio facilities to take care of your music production needs. I have years of experience in producing bands and artists. Satellite radio stations such as BB King and Bill Wax’s Bluesville often play the latest Memphis Gold CD, which I am on. I know quite a bit about music production and have hands-on experience of the process that it entails.

As a music producer, I contribute to, comment on, and help to organize various elements of the songwriting and arrangement processes. I also play on the albums which I work on, as not only an artist, but also intimately involved in the music production process from beginning to end.

Although the technical computer applications are accessible for most individuals, having a professional music producer who knows his way around a music studio is worth the investment.

Schedule an appointment with me at my music school in Annapolis, MD, and I can meet with you to find a package that suits your needs.

I pay attention to details and offer my services to help you find what you are looking for.


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